US warship to dock in Subic Bay- Phillipines

Another US warship to dock in Subic

The guided missile cruiser USS Chosin is seen in US government handout photo. The warship is due on Wednesday at Subic Bay, once the largest military base outside the US mainland. The Philippines stopped hosting US bases after a bases treaty extension was defeated in the Senate in 1991.
The online news portal of TV5

MANILA, Philippines – Amid observations that rising tension in the West Philippine Sea has coincided with more frequent port calls by US warships, a guided missile cruiser will dock at Subic Bay on Wednesday, the 115th celebration of Philippine Independence.

The US Embassy in Manila said on Tuesday in a statement: “The guided-missile cruiser USS Chosin” (CG 65) will arrive in Subic Bay on Wednesday, June 12, for a routine port call.”

It added, “the USS Chosin will refuel and receive supplies, and its crew will be given opportunities for community service in nearby areas as well as rest and recreation.”

The Ticonderoga-class cruiser was commissioned in 1991in Mississippi.  It is the first US Navy warship named in commemoration of the US First Marine Division’s breakout from surrounding Chinese communist troops during the Battle of Chosin in the mountains of North Korea, near Manchuria, in the winter of 1950.  Historians consider that battle as one of the most savage battles in modern warfare.

The 567-foot long cruiser has a top speed that exceeds 30 knots.  It has a crew of 375 sailors and officers.

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